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Our Philosophy

We believe that each client’s case is of paramount importance to them and we will take up their cause as though it were our own.

We believe that each client’s case, regardless of how small or large, deserves respect and the full advantage of our professional attention.

We believe that the voice of our client’s opposition may be louder than their own but when joined with ours will be heard clearly.

We believe in the worth and dignity of each human being.

We believe in representing the interests of all citizens according to the law, ensuring their safety and health against foreign and domestic insurance companies, employers and product manufacturers.

We believe in providing professional leadership to serve justice for victims of wrongful death and serious personal and economic injury.

We believe in supporting laws that increase the standard of living and increase access to justice for all Americans.

We believe in opposing laws that reduce opportunities for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We believe in honesty and integrity with a deep-rooted commitment to excellence.

We believe in a commitment to values such as fairness, respect and compassion.

We believe that our clients demand and deserve the highest level of professionalism and knowing this will strive not only to attain that level but maintain it as well.

We believe that the individual’s right to trial by jury is fundamental to our country’s guaranteed freedoms and we will fight to preserve it.

We believe in helping protect America’s civil justice system and consumer and family safety.

We believe in the sacred responsibility that goes with the fact that our firm has been protecting the legal rights of the injured, workers, consumer and their families’ since 1930.

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