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Industrial Accident Injury Lawyer in Beaumont Serving Throughout Texas

If you’ve been injured while working at a refinery, plant or factory, the industrial accident injury lawyers at the Gilbert Adams Law Offices in Beaumont are very experienced in handling these matters and are ready to talk to you. We’ll investigate the circumstances of your accident, identify any and all parties who may be held liable, and fight to maximize your recovery.

Common Industrial Accidents and Injuries

At the Gilbert Adams Law Offices, our Beaumont refinery and industrial injury legal team helps accident victims recover compensation after any kind of industrial incident. We’ll help you and your family seek damages arising from all types of refinery or industrial accidents, including the following:

  • Struck by a falling object
  • Slip & fall
  • Falls from height
  • Vehicle accident
  • Explosions
  • Electrocution
  • Caught in machinery
  • Chemical spills
  • Burns
  • Forklift accident
  • Building collapse
  • Stuck in-between heavy objects or machinery

These types of accidents are preventable if reasonable safety practices are followed.s

Recovering Compensation After a Refinery or Industrial Accident

If you were injured in a refinery or industrial accident, there are often general contractors, other subcontractors, and even the owner of the premises who could be legally responsible for your injuries, in addition to any non-subscribing employer.  In a standard personal injury lawsuit, you can seek a variety of damages including compensation for your lost income, medical costs, physical impairment, pain and suffering, and mental suffering and anguish, not only in the past but also in the future.  Your spouse may be entitled to damages for loss of household services and loss of consortium.

If your employer was a proper subscriber to worker’s compensation insurance, it may get the benefit of the workers’ comp bar found in the Texas Labor Code.  However, there can be exceptions, including where death occurred to your loved one. The Texas industrial accident legal team at Gilbert Adams Law Offices helps injured workers and their families maximize their recovery after a refinery or industrial industry.

For injured workers, there are a few different routes for compensation depending on who caused the accident, all of which might be available based on the facts of your claim, including:

  • Worker’s Compensation. Some employers in Texas carry workers’ comp insurance, which allows workers to recover for their medical costs, a portion of their lost wages, and certain other expenses after an industrial accident. If your employer carries workers’ comp insurance, you can recover regardless of how your injury occurred, so long as the accident happened on the job. Even a worker whose own mistake caused their injury can get workers’ comp benefits.
  • Non-Subscriber Liability. Texas employers can choose not to participate in the workers’ compensation system. They may view the cost of workers’ comp as too high or believe the risk of injury is low. Regardless, if a worker is injured and workers’ comp is not an option, the worker can seek compensation through a typical personal injury or wrongful death case. If the injury was caused through the negligence or wrongful act of anyone else at the company, the company can be held liable through various legal theories, including the legal doctrine of respondeat superior.
  • Third-Party Liability. Even if an employer carries workers’ comp insurance, an injured worker might still be able to recover compensation through a standard personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit against a third party. A common law personal injury lawsuit is available if the accident was caused by anyone outside of the injured worker’s company. If you were injured because of the actions of third-party contractors, the refinery or plant owner, customers, product or equipment manufacturers, negligent drivers, or potentially others, you can seek compensation from the responsible third party.

Personal injury claims typically allow for greater recovery than workers’ compensation, which for serious personal injuries or death, do not adequately compensate injured workers. Workers’ comp is generally limited to medical bills and only a portion of lost wages, as well as certain other benefits. Compensation for past and future physical impairment, physical pain and suffering,  mental grief and suffering, and other non-economic damages are only available in a common law personal injury or wrongful death case. Talk to a dedicated Beaumont industrial accident attorney to discuss your options and maximize your potential recovery.

Dedicated and Successful Texas Personal Injury Attorney for Factory Accident Injuries

For professional, accomplished, and effective legal help after a Texas industrial accident, contact the Beaumont offices of the Gilbert Adams Law Offices for a free consultation at 409-835-3000.

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