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Construction Site Accidents Lawyer in Beaumont Serving Throughout Texas

The booming Texas economy has seen a major rise in construction activity and a related increase in the number of construction-related accidents occurring on the jobsite. Gilbert Adams Law Offices represents individuals injured on the job. While Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) regulations protect most people at their jobs, special laws have been introduced to protect the men and women who work in the construction industry.

Contractors as well as the owners of a construction site are responsible for providing a safe work environment. There are laws in place that are designed to protect workers who work on ladders, scaffolding or in high places such as cranes. Often the owner or general contractor is held to be “strictly liable” for all injuries sustained. This means that the injured party is not responsible for causing his or her own injuries, no matter how the fall occurred.

Gilbert Adams Law Offices has the necessary skills, resources & determination to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. A competent lawyer is always a necessity in a personal injury case, as decisions made early may affect your ability to claim damages in the future. In addition, the firm has represented workers and their families injured or killed from chemical plant and refinery explosions, sand / gravel mine injuries, plus many other construction-related injuries.

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