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Premises Liability Lawyer in Beaumont Serving Slip and Fall Injury Victims Throughout Texas

A slip and fall accident can be more than just painful and embarrassing; serious injuries can occur. It is not uncommon for slip and fall victims to experience muscle sprains and strains; soft tissue tears; fractures in the wrist, hip or ankles; head injury; back injury; and facial cuts and bruises. The slip and fall attorneys at Gilbert Adams Law Offices take these cases very seriously and fight to obtain full compensation for our clients’ injuries. Read on to learn more about premises liability in Texas, and how our slip and fall lawyers can help.

Premises Liability for Slips, Trips and Falls

Premises liability involves accidents which occur due to an unsafe condition on another person’s property. Common types of premises liability personal injury accidents include:

  • Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Falling Merchandise
  • Uneven / Wet / Icy Pavement
  • Falls from Equipment
  • Objects on the Floor
  • Mislaid or Torn Carpeting
  • Broken or Missing Stairs or Handrails
  • Unmarked Steps
  • Malfunctioning Elevators or Escalators
  • Environmental Safety Hazards

Property owners generally owe a duty to their customers or others lawfully on their premises to maintain the premises in a safe condition. This duty may include a duty to inspect the premises periodically, and to make any needed repairs or at least put up a warning to the public about any danger which is not obvious.

Proving a slip and fall case often requires the injured victim to prove that the hazard existed for an unreasonable period of time before the accident – long enough for the property owner to discover the condition and correct it. This can be difficult in cases of transitory foreign substances, such as food or drink spills, merchandise on the floor, or water tracked in from outside. The premises liability lawyers at Gilbert Adams Law Offices know how to investigate a slip and fall accident and build a strong case that proves the owner knew or should have known about the condition yet failed to repair it or provide a warning.

Premises Liability for Negligent Security

Premises liability cases may also involve issues like physical security standards and generally accepted security practices. For example, if a person is assaulted in a parking garage, stairwell, or parking lot, the owner of the premises may be liable for not providing sufficient lighting, security gates or cameras, or trained and competent security personnel. Crime statistics, event history, community standards and specific risk considerations all play a part in determining whether an adverse event was foreseeable, and whether the property owner should be liable for the injury.

Seek Experienced and Successful Legal Help after a Texas Premises Liability Injury

Gilbert Adams Law Offices has successfully handled hundreds of cases involving premises liability in Beaumont and throughout the Golden Triangle of Southeast Texas. We are skilled at seeing a case through to a positive judgment for our clients. We have the resources and experience necessary to take on employers, businesses and large insurance companies. If you’ve been injured, consider representation from a premises liability lawyer from Gilbert Adams Law Offices today.

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