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Insurance providers owe policyholders a duty of good faith and fair dealing.  You pay your premiums every month of every year precisely so you can rely on your insurance when you need it.  You deserve to be treated fairly.  If you file a claim under your homeowner’s, health, life, disability, property, or any other insurance policy, your insurance provider must promptly and properly conduct an investigation of your claim, make a decision, and then either pay you what you are owed or give you a reasonable explanation of why your claim has been denied.

Insurance companies acting in bad faith might reject proper claims for inappropriate reasons or engage in delay or stalling tactics geared toward steamrolling policyholders into accepting less of a payout than they are rightfully owed or dropping covered claims entirely.  Insurance providers who act in bad faith are liable for not only the amount owed under the policy but also for additional damages caused by their bad faith behavior.  Additionally, the Texas Legislature has enacted legislation which can impose penalties or provide for the recovery of additional damages.

The insurance delay and denial attorneys at Gilbert Adams Law Offices know insurance companies.  We know their tactics, we know what evidence and arguments work against them, and we know when they are attempting to cheat policyholders.  We will work with you to ensure that your insurance claim is properly investigated and paid.  If your claim is denied, we will help you fight it to ensure that your properly-covered claim is paid out in full.

Fight back against wrongfully denied claims

If an insurance provider denies your claim, they must provide you with an explanation.  Their denial must be appropriate in light of the insurance policy and the law.  If your proposed medical treatment is too experimental, for example, or falls outside your policy coverage, your insurance company must explain their reasoning or the basis for denying the claim.  They cannot simply reject your claim with no explanation; however, insurers will often try to do so unless you demand an explanation.

Different types of insurance have different procedures for challenging or appealing a claim denial.  At Gilbert Adams Law Offices, our insurance denial attorneys are ready to help you fight back against any claims that have been wrongfully denied.  If there is an innocent explanation for the denial, we will help you correct any gap in the record so that your claim is accepted.  If the insurance company can provide no good-faith reason for denial, we will take your claim through the appeals process and into a bad-faith lawsuit where possible, until you get the settlement or resolution you deserve.  If no adequate resolution is offered, we stand ready to go toe-to-toe with even the biggest insurance companies at trial.  We fight for the rights and well-being of our clients.

Don’t let your insurance provider unjustly delay your claim

When you file a claim with your health, disability, automobile, homeowner’s or life insurance company, either for reimbursement or for coverage of an upcoming treatment or issue, your insurance provider owes you certain duties.  The insurer must investigate the circumstances of your claim, they must make a good-faith assessment of your policy, your condition, and your treatment, and they must do so within a reasonable period of time, sometimes specified by statute.   Insurers must evaluate and decide on your claim and give you the coverage you are owed, without unreasonable delay.  Unfortunately, insurance providers are always looking for ways to either underpay claims or avoid paying entirely.  One of their favorite tricks is to stall or delay your properly-covered claim.

Insurance providers know that many people are in critical need of their funds when they file a claim, and they do not have the luxury of delay while it claims it is “still investigating.”.  They know that if they drag out an investigation or payment, policyholders are likely to give up and accept a lower payment or even drop a claim entirely to avoid the hassle.  Do not let your insurance company bully you into accepting one cent less than you are owed on your proper insurance claim.  An insurance bad faith attorney at Gilbert Adams Law Offices can hold your insurance provider accountable, making sure that they are moving along with your claim appropriately, promptly, and in good faith.

Gilbert Adams Law Offices will help you respond to bad-faith delay tactics such as:

  • failing to provide you with a full explanation of your claim denial;
  • lack of any communication about the process of an investigation;
  • unnecessary or repeated requests for documentation allegedly to support your claim;
  • failing to provide you with an explanation for their delay;
  • other abuses or violations.

If an insurance provider delays an investigation or a payment without a good faith reason, then they might be subject to a bad faith claim for damages.  You may be able to recover the amount you are owed under your policy and more in penalties for their bad faith.  Speak with a knowledgeable insurance delay attorney to discuss your claims.

Call a Skilled and Effective Texas Bad Faith Insurance Denial Attorney

If your life, health, home or auto insurer has wrongfully denied your claims or if your insurance company is engaging in bad-faith stall or delay tactics, contact an experienced and professional insurance denial and delay lawyer at the Gilbert Adams Law Offices in Beaumont for a free consultation at 409-835-3000.

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