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Crane Accident Attorney

Cranes are a common sight on construction projects and offshore drilling sites in Texas. These massive structures are highly effective at moving cargo, heavy equipment, and construction materials across a site, but they come with a great deal of risk. Cranes are the source of dozens of fatal accidents each year, with Texas leading the United States in the rate of fatal crane accidents. If you’ve been hurt in a Texas crane accident, get the compensation you deserve by contacting the experienced construction accident lawyers at the Gilbert Adams Law Offices for a free consultation.

What are the most common reasons for crane accidents?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 50% of all fatalities caused by crane accidents were the result of the victim being struck by an object or equipment. The majority of these struck-by accidents were the result of the victim getting hit by a falling object or piece of equipment. Some common reasons for crane accidents include:

  • Use of cranes in bad weather
  • Electrocution when cranes make contact with live wires
  • Negligent training or supervision of crane operators
  • Crane overloading
  • Failure to weigh down or properly secure the crane during setup, leading to crane tipping
  • Unstable or unsafe conditions around the crane

Owners and managers can limit crane accidents with proper attention to safety

Texas has the highest rate of fatal crane accidents nationwide. In fact, between 2011 and 2015, the number of crane accident-related fatalities in Texas was nearly as high as the number of fatalities in the next four-highest states combined. In one round of inspections by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of 77 cranes operating in Texas, inspectors issued more than 65 violations, 71% of which were for serious, willful, or repeated offenses.

Safety experts estimate that 90% of crane accidents are the result of human error. There are many steps that workers and site managers can take to reduce the frequency of crane accidents, such as by providing sufficient training to crane operators, ensuring cranes are in proper working order prior to use, installing cameras that eliminate blind spots for operators, and use of two-way, hands-free communication methods. Unfortunately, many site operators and contractors prioritize saving money over worker well-being and cut corners on such safety measures.

Seasoned legal help after a Texas crane accident

Negligence in operating or securing cranes can have deadly consequences for workers and even bystanders. Victims of Texas crane accidents often benefit from the help of an experienced crane injury attorney when seeking compensation for costs associated with their injuries. By choosing a lawyer who understands what makes cranes safe—and what makes them dangerous—victims of crane accidents can make a stronger case for why they’re entitled to the money damages they’re seeking. The Beaumont-based Gilbert Adams Law Offices can provide the knowledgeable and experienced representation that crane accident victims need to ensure they’re adequately compensated for their medical expenses, lost work, and pain and suffering. Contact our seasoned and compassionate Texas construction accident attorneys today for a no-cost evaluation of your case.

Call Beaumont Injury Attorney Gilbert Adams After a Crane Accident Injury in Texas

If you’ve been hurt in a Texas crane accident, contact the dedicated and trial-ready Beaumont crane injury lawyers at the Gilbert Adams Law Offices for a free consultation at 409-835-3000.

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