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Drug Injury Law Firm in Beaumont Serving Throughout Texas

Gilbert Adams Law Offices, a drug injury law firm, represents persons injured or killed as a result of unsafe drugs or medical devices. Many times a drug or device is rushed into the market place and receives FDA approval without complete or proper testing. The result can be serious injuries and death from what the consumer perceived to be a safe product designed to help, not harm.

Pharmaceutical / Drug / Medical Device Litigation

Liability in these cases is not based only on willful misrepresentation of the product or intentional concealment of harmful side effects and adverse reactions. Rather, if a product or device is marketed and presented to the public as safe, the manufacturer, distributor and retailer all may be held liable if that product or device proves over time to be dangerous or harmful.

The liability attorneys at the Gilbert Adams Law Offices have prosecuted numerous cases in the area of defective drug litigation. Some of the many products/devices we have challenged include:

  • Vioxx®
  • Rezulin®
  • Baycol®
  • Sulzer Hip Implants®
  • Bextra®

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