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car crash accident on street, damaged automobiles after collision in city .

How Is Fault Determined in a Multi-Car Crash?

By Gilbert Adams |

In the aftermath of a multi-car crash, determining fault or responsibility can become a complex puzzle that involves piecing together large amounts of evidence, including accident reconstruction and eyewitness accounts, and applying relevant laws that speak to liability when multiple parties are involved. This is especially true when the insurance companies blame other drivers,… Read More »

The truck and the car collided on the highway. Strong accident. Traffic accidents on the road. View from above. Traffic jam on the road.

Who Is Liable After a Truck Crash?

By Gilbert Adams |

Tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers, and other big rigs are immense, complex machines that take a lot of cooperation to operate, maintain and load in a safe and responsible manner. When a truck crash occurs, rarely does the truck driver admit or acknowledge fault or responsibility, and liability can be challenging when the driver does not step… Read More »

Driver portrait feeling pain after car accident

How to Calculate Pain and Suffering Damages Suffered in a Car Crash or Personal Injury Matter

By Gilbert Adams |

If you get hurt in a car wreck or other accident, the physical injuries you sustain create calculable financial losses in terms of medical bills and lost wages, but a physical injury is also accompanied by physical pain, emotional distress, mental anguish, physical impairment and other kinds of less easily calculable harm, including loss… Read More »

chemical plant

Chemical Plant Explosion Causes Injures, Exposes Many to Smoke & Fumes

By Gilbert Adams |

On November 8, 2023, the small town of Shepherd, Texas, about an hour northeast of Houston, experienced a significant incident when a chemical plant explosion occurred early in the morning on Farm-to-Market Road 1127. The blast, which took place around 7 a.m., was followed by a large chemical fire. This fire sent smoke plumes… Read More »

Punitive Damages: Additional damages awarded in a lawsuit as a punishment.

Recovering Punitive Damages After a Car Accident

By Gilbert Adams |

Vehicle collisions are unfortunate events that can result in significant harm both physically and emotionally. In the State of Texas, car wreck victims can seek compensatory damages to cover their medical expenses, loss of income, property damage, and pain and suffering. However, there’s another type of award that you might be eligible for—punitive damages…. Read More »

Man, hands and wheelchair for support, hope or travel in healthcare or medicare at home. Closeup of male or person with a disability moving on chair for mobility, surgery or wellness in the house.

What Are Non-economic Damages After a Car Accident in Texas?

By Gilbert Adams |

Dealing with the aftermath of a car wreck can be an overwhelming experience. Between medical bills, car repairs, and lost time from work, the financial toll can quickly add up. However, it’s not just the economic losses you have to consider. In Texas, personal injury law also allows injury victims to recover non-economic damages… Read More »

Group of age-diverse boys and girls, happy friends with swim floats jumping into swimming pool on the vacations

What Is Accidental Drowning? Do I Have a Case?

By Gilbert Adams |

This summer’s relentless heat has been sending people to the water in droves for a chance to cool off, from lakes and rivers to municipal pools to a neighbor’s backyard. As enjoyable as a dip in the pool or a day at the lake can be, it is not without danger. Tragically, dozens of… Read More »

hand holding Orange Ribbon for CRPS,

Do I Have a Claim for My CRPS Injury After Surgery?

By Gilbert Adams |

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), sometimes known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), is a painful condition that often results in permanently debilitating symptoms. The condition often arises after a traumatic event to the body, including sometimes surgical intervention necessary from the traumatic event. Below we explain some important information about CRPS and when you… Read More »

crps cases

Navigating Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Lawsuits

By Gilbert Adams |

For more than 90 years, the Beaumont personal injury law firm Gilbert Adams Law Offices has devoted its practice to advocating for those who have experienced injuries due to the negligence or misconduct of others. One specific type of injury that frequently arises from traumatic injuries is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). This condition… Read More »

pump jack oil field

How Refinery Management Can Implement Controls to Avoid Refinery Explosions

By Gilbert Adams |

Oil refineries and other industrial plants can be extremely dangerous. Refinery workers are constantly exposed to risks from combustible gasses, hazardous chemicals, and heavy equipment. Even a single catastrophic event can seriously injure or kill dozens or even hundreds of workers, contractors and plant visitors. It’s vital for refinery management to maintain appropriate safety… Read More »

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