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How Long Does it Take to Get a Settlement After an Accident?

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My clients often ask me, “how long it take to settle my case?” And you know, it depends. It’s a case by case basis. Usually, it’s dependent upon your injuries and whether or not you’ve stabilized, whether or not you’ve gotten well or stabilized, and whether or not there’s going to be future medical treatment involved. So, it’s really a case by case basis, how long the case is going to take. It’s generally driven by the nature and extent of your injuries, and you know, we never want to resolve a case too soon because you can’t go back later on and say, “Well, I didn’t really know that I was going to need this medical treatment or that medical treatment”. So, it’s important that we get a good picture of what you’re going to need medically in the future before your case is resolved so that it can be incorporated in any settlement.

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