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If I hire a lawyer for my car accident case, will I need to go to trial?

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You know, I get this question a lot from my clients. They say, “Mr. Adams, I just want what’s coming to me. I don’t want to necessarily have to take days out of my life and go down to the courthouse and have to have a trial.” And you know, we understand that. But the problem is if the other side gets that impression. In other words, if your case isn’t prepared to be tried, then you can bet that’s exactly what’s going to happen because they’ll know the case is not prepared. So, here at Gilbert Adams Law Offices, we take pride in preparing our cases for trial as if they’re going to be appealed all the way to the Texas Supreme Court. And normally, we see that when that’s done, when the case is prepared adequately, most of the time the cases do settle. So, just because you do have a lawyer, just because there’s even a lawsuit, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your case will be tried to a jury. However, it’s very important that your case be prepared as if it is going to be tried, and what we’ve seen is when that occurs, most of the time the cases are worked out without the need for a trial.

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