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What types of damages are recoverable from my personal injury case?

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Texas law requires that victims of personal injury be compensated in the past and future, for their medical expenses or lost wages, loss of earning capacity, your physical pain, suffering and grief, mental anguish, a physical impairment, and disfigurement, if that exists. The spouse of a non-injured party is entitled to damages under Texas law for what we call loss of consortium, and love and affection, and also for loss of household services. And so, those are generally the damages that are recognized under Texas law. There can be some exceptions. For instance, Jones Act cases and FELA cases, the different types of damages are available there. And of course, in the appropriate case, damages can be awarded, exemplary damages can be awarded in the appropriate case to not only punish the wrongdoer but also deter others from engaging in that same or similar conduct in the future.

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