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Professional / Legal Negligence

When you hire a legal malpractice attorney you expect to have an attorney represent you that is competent and skilled in the handling of your type of case. You sign the employment contract relying on such representation. When the attorney you hire acts below acceptable professional standards, engages in conduct below the standards of good and workmanlike legal services, breaches the warranty of competence and skill to handle your case and to represent you in a skillful and competent manner, there are laws in place that are designed to protect you.

In Texas, attorneys are held to the highest standards of ethical conduct in their dealings with their clients. The relationship between an attorney and client is fiduciary in nature. The term “fiduciary” refers to integrity and fidelity. A fiduciary relationship is one of special trust and confidence, and the law requires that all dealings between an attorney and client be characterized by the utmost fairness, good faith, absolute and perfect candor, inveterate honesty, openness, undivided loyalty, and the absence of any concealment or deception. An attorney must affirmatively and fully disclose to his client all material facts bearing on the subject matter of the representation, as well as the legal consequences flowing from that representation.

Attorneys have a duty to refrain from entering into contracts of employment with a client where there may be conflicting interests between one or more of clients or where a client may be defrauded of benefits they would have enjoyed due to the relationship between the attorney and another client. Where a conflict exists and when an attorney’s conduct is performed, in whole or in part, without the knowledge of the client, or when an attorney fails to make a proper disclosure to its client or obtain the informed consent of a client regarding a conflict of interest, the Gilbert Adams Law Firm can help you.

The Gilbert Adams Law Offices has the necessary skills, resources & determination to achieve the best possible outcome for the unethical, negligent, substandard, fraudulent, grossly negligent, reckless, intentional, knowing, tortious and/or other improper conduct and tortious conduct of another attorney.

The legal malpractice attorneys of Gilbert Adams Law Offices have been successful in procuring settlements and judgments on behalf of clients for professional legal negligence in excess of $6 Million.

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