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How Are Truck Accidents Different From Car Accidents?

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There’s two main differences between a commercial or truck wreck such as an 18-wheeler or any commercial vehicle and a regular two-passenger, multi-passenger vehicle wreck. First, you have more sophisticated equipment and you have more sophisticated people.

The equipment involved in the collision normally is much bigger and causes massive amounts of property and injury and damage. That equipment that we see with trucks wrecks is generally very sophisticated, it’s got breaks that have to be adjusted and maintained, that vehicle is supposed to go through a daily inspection. You’ve got vehicular logs that are to be maintained. On the vehicle, sometimes we see GPS, in addition to the event data recorder. And that data must be immediately preserved.

And then, of course, the people, they adjust to the insurance people and the adjusting people. They’re much more sophisticated with these types of collisions. And we generally see them showing up on the scene of the collision immediately, sometimes the day of the collision. And then trying to talk to you and obtain your statement the day of the collision. So with truck wrecks and commercial vehicle wrecks, it’s just something that time is critical. You got to get on it immediately.

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