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What are some special considerations regarding logging truck accident cases?

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Here in East Texas and Southeast Texas, we have seen hundreds of logging truck accidents. You’ve seen them, the pole trucks, those other kinds of log trucks out there, and they cause massive amounts of damage. These logging operations are generally run on a shoestring budget. The trucks are not maintained like they should be and they can cause massive amounts of injury. Generally, we see with log truck drivers, and again this is a general statement, that they have not had the training that they need to operate these big rigs the way that other 18-wheeler companies train their employees, and that’s not always the case. Again, every case is different, but we’ve handled hundreds of these logging truck accident cases and they cause massive amounts of damage. And it’s very important that we begin our investigation immediately after a collision has occurred to preserve the evidence, preserve the scene, and preserve the evidence associated with that driver.

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