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Fire fighters battling remains of a fire explosion at an oil refinery

Victims of Valero Facility Explosion File Lawsuit

By Gilbert Adams |

In an earlier post, we shared details about a recent explosion in a Texas City Valero refinery which left several employees with serious injuries. The injured workers of the refinery explosion file a case in court seeking money damages for their injuries. Read on to learn more about their claims and why they believe… Read More »

Horrible burn injury on female hand

What You Need to Know about Burn Injuries

By Gilbert Adams |

Burn injuries can be extremely painful and costly injuries. Many workers in chemical, refinery, electrical, or construction work run the risk of on-the-job burns, but there are numerous burn hazards in the home as well. If you’ve suffered a burn injury, it’s important to understand the nature of these injuries and how best to… Read More »

Fire explosion with smoke cloud

Explosion at Texas City Valero Refinery Injures Four

By Gilbert Adams |

An explosion at the Texas City Valero Refinery between Houston and Galveston sent four contractors to the hospital for injuries and caused a fire which took hours to contain. Read on to learn more about the gasoline refinery accident, and contact a Texas workplace accident lawyer if you have questions after suffering injuries on… Read More »

speedy car wreck

Study Finds Speeding Causes as Many Crashes as Drunk Driving

By Gilbert Adams |

Whether it’s because we are late to arrive at our destination or simply excited to be on an open stretch of road, most everyone has driven faster than the posted speed limit at one time or another. The potential consequences of driving too fast are often disregarded, such as how the sudden appearance of… Read More »

young lady sleeping behind the wheel

Study Finds Drowsy Driving a Factor in Substantial Share of Car Accidents

By Gilbert Adams |

While not every driver complies with the laws on drunken driving, the average American motorist is aware of the potential risks involved in driving after having had an unsafe amount to drink. Due to the risks imposed on other motorists and roadway occupants, driving under the influence is viewed as a morally-reprehensible, shameful behavior…. Read More »

gas Drill explosion

Explosion at oil/gas Drill Site Results in Multiple Fatalities

By Gilbert Adams |

An explosion at an Oklahoma oil and gas well resulted in the deaths of five men, as well as burn injuries to a sixth man. The US Chemical Safety Board is now investigating the incident, which some state officials believe was caused by defective equipment. Learn more about the tragic accident below, and contact… Read More »

a guy hurts knee at work

Fatal Workplace Injuries Rise for Third Consecutive Year

By Gilbert Adams |

Recently-released data shows that the total number of fatal accidents on the job rose for yet another year, and that the reasons that workers are dying on the job have begun to shift in troubling new directions. Read on to learn about the most recent data on fatal workplace injuries in the US, and… Read More »

Stop sign that reads texting + driving

Rise in Roadway Fatalities in 2016 Marks Third Straight Year of Roadway Deaths

By Gilbert Adams |

According to NHTSA, which gathers data on the causes of motor vehicle accidents from local agencies, the total number of fatal accidents caused by distracted drivers fell in 2016 by 2.2% to account for only 9.2% of all fatal roadway injuries. Within the category of all distracted-driving-related accidents, 448 fatal crashes were attributed to… Read More »

Log truck accident

Logging Truck Accidents Threaten Lives of Texas Residents

By Gilbert Adams |

Recent crashes involving log trucks have resulted in the deaths of two Texas residents and injuries to a third person. The accidents are examples of the major damage that can be done by logging truck accidents. Sadly, a Texas couple was killed after a collision with a logging truck. A senior couple, aged 82… Read More »

lady having leg pain

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome after an Accident

By Gilbert Adams |

The physical toll taken by a personal injury often lasts for months after the accident occurs —sometimes years. After a traumatic injury, some accident victims are afflicted with a painful condition known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, or CRPS. Learn more about this condition and how it is caused below, and contact a knowledgeable… Read More »

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