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Railroad engineer injured in an accident at work on the railway tracks. Calling for help

Most Common Construction Accidents in Texas

By Gilbert Adams |

Construction is one of the most dangerous industries in the United States. Worksite injuries and fatalities can result from a variety of different accidents. Construction accidents are preventable with proper safety training, equipment, and implementation. Read on for a discussion of the most common construction accidents, and call a knowledgeable Beaumont construction accident attorney… Read More »

burst tire on the road

What Happens if a Tire Blowout Caused your Car Accident?

By Gilbert Adams |

Tire blowouts are a terrifying thing to experience. Especially if you are driving on the freeway at high speeds, suddenly losing control of your vehicle and flying all over the road is a jarring and frightening thing. If you are hurt in an accident caused by a tire blowout, what comes next? Can you… Read More »

A drunken man driving a car with a bottle of alcohol in his hand. Man whiskey from an iron flask behind the wheel of a car

How to Avoid Being Hit by a Drunk Driver

By Gilbert Adams |

Drunk driving remains a dangerous problem on Texas roads causing many injuries and deaths every year. In 2018, 961 people were killed in drunk driving accidents in Texas, representing more than 25 percent of the total number of motor vehicle fatalities. Thousands more are seriously injured by drunk or impaired drivers each year. Below,… Read More »

Injured employee visiting lawyer for advice on insurance

Why Get an Attorney After a Car Accident?

By Gilbert Adams |

A devastating car accident can leave you feeling like your life has been derailed. You may be facing mounting medical bills, vehicle repair costs, and other expenses, all the while unable to work and trying to recover from your injuries. Many car accident victims wonder whether hiring an attorney is worth the expense or… Read More »

Portrait Of Girl Holding Booster Seat Standing Next To Car

What is the Law for Booster Seats in Texas?

By Gilbert Adams |

Traffic safety laws for under-age children can vary significantly from state to state. While every state requires children of a certain age to use child safety seats for some period of time, state laws vary on where children can be located in the car, whether the seat must be forward or rear-facing and the… Read More »

Woman feeling pain after car accident in the city

How Long do you Have to File a Claim for a Car Accident, Personal Injury or Wrongful Death?

By Gilbert Adams |

Most legal claims, whether they are civil claims or criminal prosecutions, have a time limit, which varies depending on the type of case. The time limit, known as the “statute of limitations,” establishes the period within which a claim may still be brought before it is considered too late regardless of the merits of… Read More »

Overturned Truck

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

By Gilbert Adams |

The freight industry is a vital part of the Texas and national economies. Truck driving is, however, dangerous, and large truck drivers pose unique dangers to everyone on Texas roadways beyond the typical risks that all drivers already face. Read on for some of the more common causes of truck accidents that differ from… Read More »


Who all is Legally Liable for Damage caused by an 18-wheeler Collision?

By Gilbert Adams |

18-wheeler accidents can be more complicated than passenger-car collisions where multiple parties have contributed to the cause of the collision and are therefore legally responsible to the Victim and/or the Victim’s Family for the damages caused from the collision. Both in terms of property damage and injuries, the damages caused by 18-wheeler collisions can… Read More »

Car crash dangerous accident on the road. SUV car crashing beside another one on the road.

Is Texas a No-Fault State for Auto Accidents?

By Gilbert Adams |

Different states have different legal procedures that determine the type of claim(s) available to you following a traffic accident.  In some states, the victim is prohibited from suing the negligent party or their insurer, regardless of fault.  In other states, you are permitted to file suit against the negligent driver, if a settlement is… Read More »

Large fire at an oil refinery seen from a distance. Only parts of the refinery visible behind the trees. Thick black smoke rises from the flames.

TPC Plant Explosion Leads to Evacuation, Property Damage, Injuries

By Gilbert Adams |

Texas Petrochemical Group (TPC), a chemical plant in Jefferson County recently experienced multiple explosions, and the resulting fires continued burning for several days, leading to massive evacuations and claims ranging from property damage, personal injury, smoke and chemical inhalation, to interference with business operations.  Continue reading for details about the incident and the resulting… Read More »

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